We’re locals with expert knowledge.

Montenegro is a modern tourist destination rich with historic treasures and natural wonders alike. As local professionals, our licensed tour guides are experts on Montenegro’s history, land, and culture.

We’ve designed each tour carefully.

Each of our guided tours has been created with a combination of local knowledge, attention to detail, and years of experience as local guides. We’ve designed our tours to maximize your time and offer the best value.

Your experience is our top priority.

We want your experience to be memorable - that’s why we offer custom-tailored tour packages designed just for you. We can adjust an existing tour itinerary or build a brand new itinerary for you from scratch exploring Montenegro.

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Our most beautiful guided private tours sorted by your needs.

Coast, Country Side and the Balkan

Coast, Country Side and the Balkan

Depending on your likes of landscape we have sorted our private tours by Coast, Country Side and Region

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Customize your level of Activity

Customize your level of Activity

Choose between relaxing up to approaching private tours in wonderful nature and historical urban space

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Which trip type is yours?

Which trip type is yours?

You are looking for cultural tours, sportive trips or one for the whole family? Find your ideal private tour here

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Please choose among all our Montenegrin guided tours or request a tailor-made unique experience.

All tours are private: the timing and itinerary can be designed to accommodate yours & your group’s preferences and starting location.
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History, nature, culture, people and politics of Montenegro. Please find here the best info related to our tours in Montenegro.

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Yachting in Montenegro is the perfect escape. An escape from reality. From crowded cities. From the everyday. My first time on a yachting tour, I didn’t know what to expect. With a bag filled with clothes, food and drinks on my shoulder, I stepped on the deck and looked around. That’s when I realized two things. First, I over-packed. Although, …

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Montenegro yacht charter is the new way of self-care. Okay, it’s actually more along the lines of self-pampering. But, seriously, who can tell the difference? Who can say where the line is? For a long time, I’ve been struggling with understanding the concept of self-care. Until I realized one thing. Self-care is whatever I want it to be. Reading a …