Active Montenegro Tour: Exploring the Bay of Kotor

8 Hours

Attention, thrill-seekers – we’re taking you on an active Montenegro tour. Time to explore the Bay of Kotor and stay active in the process.

Join us on a tour with a twist. A tour that gets you familiar with the country, while also keeping you engaged, entertained and physically fit. Exercising both your physical and your mental muscles, so to speak.

Active Montenegro Tour: The Route

The tour starts in Tivat. More precisely, it starts in Gornja Lastva, a small settlement on the Vrmac hill, at an altitude of 300 meters.

From there, we begin our hike to the top of Vrmac. Vrmac is actually an extension of Mount Lovćen, and it divides Kotor and Tivat Bay. Its highest peak, St. Elijah (Sveti Ilija) stands at 785 meters. So, we set out on an adventure towards that peak.

There is no shortage of beautiful views along the ascending path. But, it is when we reach the top that the scenic beauty of the Bay really starts to shine. In short, the magnificent views are definitely worth the 2-hour long hike.

After reaching the peak, we continue putting out physical fitness to the test. Although, this time, on a bike. In few words, we take an hour long bike ride from Vrmac to Verige. Enjoying the sense of freedom that only a bicycle can offer, we pass through the villages of Muo, Prcanj and Stoliv, getting a feel of the local atmosphere and tradition.

Finally, we complete our active Montenegro tour with a kayaking adventure. The 2-hour long kayaking trip takes you around the islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. Thus, you get to experience the majestic islands from different angles.

Once the tour is over, we settle in Perast for a nice lunch, getting another taste of tradition.

This tour combines hiking, biking and kayaking, taking you on an active exploration of the Bay. So, if you want to experience the beauty of the coast while keeping your body moving, this is the tour for you.

Difficulty & Duration

The difficulty of the active Montenegro tour is rated moderate. It is completed in approximately 8 hours, counting in the lunch stop in Perast.


  • 2-hour hike from Tivat to the top of Vrmac
  • 1-hour bike ride from Vrmac to Verige
  • 2-hour kayaking around St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks Islands
  • Lunch in Perast

Trip Highlights

  • Breathtaking views from the highest peak of Mount Vrmac
  • Getting a sense of local tradition in different villages
  • Exploring the beauty of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George islands from different angles
  • Enjoying traditional food


  • Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel;
  • Tour and guiding services from a licensed English-speaking guide ;
  • Private transportation with a Mercedes E Class or Mercedes V Class vehicle (parking and fuel costs covered);
  • Bikes;
  • Kayaks;
  • VAT.

Not included

  • Lunch
  • 1 pax – 600,00 €
  • 2 pax – 650,00 €
  • 3 pax – 750,00 €
  • 4 pax – 850,00 €
  • 5 pax – 950,00 €
  • 6 pax – 1050,00 €
  • 7 pax – 1150,00 €
Are tours entirely private?


All of our tours are designed in the way that you are our only client. And in case of the multiple day trips, we have our guide being with you entire time, unlike what could be practise of most of the other companies as just having a driver and different guides in various locations.






What is regular pick-up location

Since our tours are private, we always pick up our clients at most convenient location (port, hotels, airports).

Pick up location depends on tour, it can be at the airport in case of multiple day trips, for day trips it is normally ether in front of port or at your hotel’s reception. Our guide will be holding a signboard with your name on it while waiting for you.

What sort of vehicles are used for our private tours

Vehicles we use are:

Mercedes E up to 3 clients

Mercedes Vito up to 7 clients

Mercedes V class up to 7 clients

as well as Mercedes Sprinter for slightly bigger groups up to 19 clients.

In case that you have more than 20 people in your group we hire modern busses from our reliable suppliers.

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Active Montenegro Tour: Exploring the Bay of Kotor