Meeting the Farmers on a Private Cultural Tour

6 Hours

A private cultural tour of a family farm in Montenegro is an eye opening experience.

It teaches us that there is more to traveling than just visiting world-known places and seeing the landmarks.

After all, aren’t local traditions and cultures what really stays with you long after your trip is completed? Moreover, don’t the people you have met find their ways into most of your traveling stories? And don’t they enrichen the experience?

Well, here is a tour that divulges the true meaning of traveling. Connection.

Learning History and Forming Connections on a Private Cultural Tour

This private cultural tour takes you from Kotor to Grahovo, a historical settlement in the northwestern part of Montenegro. But, you won’t be exploring the settlement on your own. On the contrary, the journey takes us to a family farm, where you meet Đorđe, Anita, and their three sons.

The entire family is actively involved in the production and cultivation of organic vegetables. So, you will get to see the process first-hand, and the hosts will be happy to share their methods. If, thus, you are a vegetable growing enthusiast, this family will have a lot to teach you. Who knows, they may even let you in on a few trade secrets.

But, their stories go beyond vegetable production. Having spent their lives in Grahovo, Đorđe and Anita have a lot to say about the history of the village. Furthermore, you will get to know them better through their stories of the history of their own family. It is through those personal stories that we form real connections.

The privilege of a private tour lies in the fact that you can choose your activities. Apart from touring the farm, where you will see houses built more than 200 years ago, you can take a tour of the village itself. Visit the lake. Learn about the history of the monuments. Or, go on a short hiking adventure if you prefer a more active approach.

Whatever you choose, the welcoming spirit of the locals will make your journey that much more enjoyable. Thus shedding light on the true value of traveling – meeting people.

Connecting Over a Traditional Meal

This private cultural tour is all about forming connections and reveling in the history of Grahovo.

And, could there possibly be a better way of doing that than over a traditional lunch? You get to taste the homemade food and drinks made by the family you’re visiting. So, sit back and enjoy your stay in Grahovo, as it is about to exceed all your expectations.

At the end of our day, we take a ride to Kotor via the Austro-Hungarian serpentine road. Thus, the drive back to the city will be filled with more stories of Montenegrin history. As well as with sharing impressions of the amazing day we had.


  • Drive from Kotor to Grahovo (1h)
  • Tour of the family farm (1h)
  • Lunch (1h30min)
  • Exploring the village or hiking (1h30min)
  • Drive back to Kotor (1h)

Trip highlights

  • Scenic rides to and from Grahovo
  • Awe-inspiring 200 years old houses
  • Tasty, homemade food and drinks
  • A beautiful lake and majestic monuments

Included Services

  • Pick-up and drop-off from hotel or port;
  • Tour and guiding services from a licensed English-speaking guide ;
  • Private transportation with a Mercedes E Class or Mercedes V Class vehicle (parking and fuel costs covered);
  • Amazing lunch and drinks.
  • VAT

Excluded Services

  • Souvenirs
  • For 1 person: 400 €
  • For 2 people: 450 €
  • For 3 people: 500 €
  • For 4 people: 550 €
  • For 5 people: 600 €
  • For 6 people: 650 €
  • For 7 people: 700 €
  • For 8 people: 750 €
When is the best time to visit Montenegro

The best time to visit Montenegro is between April and early June, and again from the end August to November. These months are known to be not to crowded and still with high probability of very nice weather.
It still depends on type of activities you are looking for and which region you want to visit.
July and August are quite hot and busy, but this is period when you can enjoy water activities like speedboats, yachts, sailing tours on the shore, and hiking trips in the north of Montenegro where the weather is approx. 10 degrees cooler than on the coastline.
Winter is still good time of year to visit if you are looking for sightseeing tours or hiking trips on the mountains along the coastline.

How many days should I spend in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country but there are so many unique places to be seen, so our recommendation is at least 7 days in order to be able to say that you have seen most important sites of our country.

What sort of vehicles are used for our private tours

Vehicles we use are:
Mercedes E up to 3 clients
Mercedes Vito up to 7 clients
Mercedes V class up to 7 clients
as well as Mercedes Sprinter for slightly bigger groups up to 19 clients.
In case that you have more than 20 people in your group we hire modern busses from our reliable suppliers.

Are tours entirely private

All of our tours are designed in the way that you are our only client. And in case of the multiple day trips, we have our guide being with you entire time, unlike what could be practise of most of the other companies as just having a driver and different guides in various locations.

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Meeting the Farmers on a Private Cultural Tour