Skadar Lake Wine Tour: Watching Magic at Work

8 Hours

Behold, wine enthusiasts, as magic happens on this Skadar Lake Wine Tour.

There is something so enticing about watching wine being made. It makes you much more appreciative of every step you take.

Couple that with a visit to one of the 5 National Parks in Montenegro, and you’ve got yourself the perfect adventure.

An adventure that connects you both to the nature and to the tradition of Montenegro.

In short, an adventure that has it all!

Skadar Lake Wine Tour: Unwind and Sip

As the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, Lake Skadar is very much worth visiting. So, we’ve created a tour that takes you there. But, the trip is about so much more than simply visiting the lake and reveling in its beauty. Although, the beauty alone is worth everyone’s time.

Like I said, though, the tour is about so much more.

Upon reaching Skadar Lake, we will pay a visit to 2 boutique, family-run wineries. One is located in Virpazar, and the other one sits in the corner of Lake Skadar, a small village called Rijeka Crnojevića. But, in both cases, you get to watch award-winning wine producers at work. Furthermore, you also get to try their products, tasting some of the best wines and spirits of Montenegro.

On top of that, you will get the opportunity to try the traditional, home-made food of Montenegro.

Clearly, Skadar Lake Wine Tour is about more than the beautiful lake. In fact, it is even about more than wine itself. In short, it is about watching magic at work at wineries, and about tasting both traditional food and traditional drinks.

So, unwind and start sipping, as we explore the wonders of Montenegro on this guided tour.

Making Memories on Your Journey

You want to make beautiful memories on your Skadar Lake Wine Tour, do you? Well, between a 2-hour long boat ride, and a walk through the nature reserve, amazing memories are guaranteed.

Take out your phones and start taking photos. Both from the boat and from the land. Capture the most striking scenes of nature. In short, relax and admire the beauty of this Montenegrin National Park.

Our journey wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse into the history of Montenegro. Therefore, the tour takes us to the Kom Monastery, one of 5 monasteries around Skadar lake. And a home to some beautifully preserved frescoes. Accessible only by boat, the Kom Monastery is another hidden gem of the country that is worth exploring.

So, on this Skadar Lake Wine Tour, you’ll learn about the history of the country and explore wonders of nature. Not to mention that you’ll be sipping high quality wine and eating tasty home-made food.


  • Drive to Virpazar
  • First winery visit
  • A 2-hour long boat ride from Virpazar to Rijeka Crnojevića, with a stop at Kom Monastery
  • Second winery visit
  • Drive back to the hotel

Trip Highlights

  • The beauty of Lake Skadar and Rijeka Crnojevića
  • Visiting award-winning wineries
  • Tasting high quality wine and home-made food
  • A scenic boat ride
  • Learning about the historical heritage of the Kom Monastery
  • For 1 person: 600 €
  • For 2 people: 650 €
  • For 3 people: 700 €
  • For 4 people: 750 €
  • For 5 people: 800 €
  • For 6 people: 850 €
  • For 7 people: 900 €
What are must visit places in Montenegro

Places you have to visit while in Montenegro are:
Perast with Our Lady of the Rocks island
Lovcen National Park
Skadar Lake National Park
Ostrog Monastery
Durmitor National Park
Biogradska Gora National Park

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Skadar Lake Wine Tour: Watching Magic at Work