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5 Reasons to Choose Private Tours

Whether its history, culture or cuisine your after, tours are an essential part of every travel itinerary. But with so many tour companies and tour options to choose from, it can suddenly become overwhelming. One way to narrow down your options is to choose private tours over group tours. While private tours often cost a little more, several important things distinguish private tours from group tours. Here are a few reasons to keep in mind the next time you’re choosing tours.

1. No one knows a city better than a local.

Have you ever arrived at a destination and wished you knew a local to show you around? We’ve felt the same way. Locals who live, work, and play in a city year-round have a wealth of knowledge to share. They not only know the history and traditions but have seen life unfold in the city before their very eyes. They know what to eat, where to drink, and how to be entertained. Our private tours are led by certified experts who also happen to be locals and we believe there is no better person to welcome you to our city.

2. Holidays are made for relaxing.
It goes without saying that trip planning can involve a lot of work. While a travel agent can relieve some of the stress that goes into logistics, you’re on your own once you set off on your trip. But the purpose of a holiday is to take a break, relay, and enjoy yourselves. One way to maintain a relaxed atmosphere is to leave the planning and logistics to a tour operator. Having a tour operator assist you can save precious time that is better spent enjoying your destination. By allowing a pro to step in, you can also save yourself from feeling overwhelmed. The next time you’re on a holiday and ready to relax, consider enlisting a tour operator to take on the tour planning.

3.Custom Tailored Tours are designed just for you.

We can say from experience that each of our guests is unique. Everyone we meet has unique interests and preferences. Although we’ve designed group tours that cover major and popular landmarks, you’re sure to benefit from a tour designed just for you. Shouldn’t you have the chance to do precisely the things you like best on your holiday? Custom-tailored private tours offer just that. They are specially designed to take you to the places you want to see and they are flexible around all your desires. 

4. Private tours let you explore at your own pace.

Group tours are designed with a tight schedule and there is little room for change. While group tours are a great way to dip your toes and become acquainted with a city, private tours offer the flexibility to explore at your own pace. If you’re curious to learn more about a landmark on a group tour, you’ll be obliged to move along to the next destination with your group. On a private tour, you’ll find more freedom to linger and dig deeper into the things that pique your interest, or breeze over the things that don’t. Private tours can take your pace and interests into consideration, opening the door to a more personalized experience.

5. You can make meaningful connections.

Group tours often attract larger crowds. While this can be a great place to meet fellow travellers, it suddenly becomes difficult to make meaningful connections with locals. Being part of a larger group makes it harder to get a front seat, ask questions, or interact with speakers. Group tours also move according to schedule. It becomes more difficult to stop and chat with a shop owner or ask the chef questions about the local cuisine. But on a private tour, you’ll have an abundance of opportunities to make meaningful connections with people and places.

These are just some of the many reasons to choose private tours. As a tour operator, we can genuinely say that we also prefer private tours because they allow us to connect with travellers from across the globe. On a private tour, you will come as a guest and leave as a friend. Consider this a formal invitation to join us!

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