Hunting for Sailing Tours Near Me: Giving Boka Bay a Going Over

When I first went looking for sailing tours near me, I was struck by the amount of hits I got.

Well, that’s Montenegro for you! A water surface here, a water surface there… And most of them sailable!

Yet, I knew better than to pick out a journey at random. I wanted the best of the best.

Incoming Boka – the jewel in the crown. Nothing can quite compare!

To this day, I’m proud of myself for having picked out the perfect tour. And, now it’s time for you to do the same.

Sailing Tours Near Me: Why Boka Bay Is the Right Choice

The idea of going on a sailing tour is in itself exciting. But, the idea of giving Boka Bay a going over is on that tour is much better.

Stories of its beauty are often told. And, you must have been on the listening side at least once. Now you want to be the witness of the splendor and the majesty told in the tales of Boka.

Instead of standing on the sidelines, listening to the experiences of others, you want to become a part of it. You want to be the one telling the stories.

So, let’s see why sailing the Bay is worth it. And why it will stock you up with stories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Bask in the Nature

Nature lovers. Adventurists. Keen Mother Earth explorers. Even screen enthusiasts and couch potatoes… On a sailing tour through Boka, everyone will bask in the astonishing nature.

With the beautiful see beneath you, the bright sky above you, and the mesmerizing scenes around you, this is about as close as you can get to being one with the nature.

Explore the Secrets of the Bay

Some things are better cherished from afar. But then, others are best explored in details.

The Bay does instill feelings of reverence even through a mere photograph. Yet, nothing tops the experience of exploring its every corner and its every secret.

And, oh, are there secrets to explore!

Hearing about the battles that took place at sea will elicit respect for the historical fortifications in Tivat and Perast. And for the people who fought for their homes, their towns, their country.

The legend of the Karampana fairy that, in anger, left people with but one well of fresh water, turning the rest into salty water, is definitely worth hearing. Especially since the sea water is still known to pass in the freshwater supply of Kotor at times. Leaving us with a mystery to unravel. And with an obvious question in mind. Could the fairy still be angry?

On a slightly less mysterious, but no less breathtaking, note, the Blue Cave is yet another astonishing sight to behold. Sunlight bathing in crystal clear waters. A combination resulting in awe-inspiring views and charming photographs.

montenegro-sightseeing activity-sailing tour-boat

Revel in the Architecture

The nature has a huge say in what the Boka Bay has to offer. But, the people played their part too.

The medieval palaces, the Baroque-style buildings, ancient monuments, fortresses, churches and other architectural wonders spreading from Tivat to Herceg Novi… Boka is really something else. And, it is the “something else” you absolutely have to explore on a sailing tour.

It’s Where History Meets Magic

Wonderful nature, amazing architecture, loads of interesting historical events and even more interesting folktales and legends… Boka is where history meets magic.

It is a place of beauty and a place of stories. It’s where you go to get lost in magical tales, but also stay grounded in the reality of the past. All while basking in the wonders of the natural surroundings.

Choosing the Right Sailing Tour Near Me

When the idea hits, you just hit the shores and hop on the first boat you find. Hoping that it will take you to where you want to go. Being confident that it will show you the wonders of Boka.

While I admire the adventurist spirit, I say this is not exactly something you should leave up to chance. Sure, there is something riveting in such spontaneity. Yet, for the best experience, you have to be a lot more organized and thoughtful.

Tell yourself this. “I’m going to choose the best sailing tours near me, if it’s the last thing I do”.

Okay, it won’t be the last thing you do. Don’t worry. But, it is this kind of an approach that will result in the perfect experience.

So, let’s see how the best tour is chosen.

Choosing a Sailing Tour Near Me: Timing Matters

Life is all about good timing, isn’t it? It’s about making the right decisions at the right moments.

Sailing tours across Boka are available throughout the year. Still, for the most amazing journey, you have to get the timing right.

Part of this decision will automatically be made for you if you’re a tourist spending but a few weeks in Montenegro.

The second part you have to make yourself. So, check the weather prognosis. Go for a sunny day. There is romance in a boat tour on a rainy day, that’s’ for sure. But, the sun will make the journey much more enjoyable.

sailing tours white boat

Don’t Make It Too Short a Trip

An hour long trip won’t do the trick. Thus, aim for at least 4 hours on the boat when choosing your tour. Although, to really revel in the wonders of Boka, without being rushed back to shore, take a full-day journey.

In short, devote an entire day to exploring Boka. Trust me, it will be worth it. And, trust me, no matter how much time you spend on the boat, you will wish you had more.

Go for an Agency You Can Trust

Who you are going with is just as important as where you are going. Boat tours have to be both fun and safe. After all, you want to be able to let your hair down. And to trust you’ll be taken on an amazing journey, with your safety never being compromised. Not even for a second.

So, check out a few agencies that offer the tours. Speak to the locals to get their suggestions. Read online reviews. And, of course, read the tour descriptions, to know what to expect. To make sure you’ll explore all the wonders of the Bay.

Finally, go for an agency you can trust, and spend the most beautiful day at sea.

All Aboard

Next time I go looking for sailing tours near me, I’ll know exactly what to focus on. And, you should know too. The Boka Bay.

Bask in the nature of this Montenegrin gem. Admire the architecture, relish the legends, and savor the history.

But, know better than to pick out a journey at random. Aim for the best of the best.

Get the timing right, choose a longer trip, and go for a trusted and reliable agency.

And, when you finally book your tour, let the excitement show.

Time for your adventure to start. Ahoy and welcome aboard!

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